Job Opportunities


The need for psychologists has increased enormously in both for private and public working area. Psychologists graduate with the knowledge of human relationship within different contexts. Therefore the working area of psychology is so broad, and there are lots of opportunities for employment after graduation from psychology department. Psychologists can work in preschools; centers for disabled people; or prisons. Hospitals, health and research centers are looking for qualified psychologists. In addition, those who are specialized in the area of perception (a branch of cognitive psychology) can work in the area of advertisement. Our graduates who are specialized in the area of industrial and organizational psychology would have job opportunities in the human resources and organizational development departments of the public and private organizations. These psychologists can also work as free-lance consultants in these specified areas. Psychology graduates who have master degree in women studies and/or clinical psychology can also work in women’ shelters. Psychologists who have studied on traffic psychology could find work in psychotechnic centers. Psychologists with doctorate degree can practice in private clinics and in hospitals, they can work in psychiatry, gynecology clinics and physiotherapy centers. Furthermore, psychology graduates who have a master and/or doctorate degree in audiology can also work as audiologists in otorhinolaryngology services. Finally, as soon as they have a doctorate degree in the appropriate area of psychology, our graduates can work in adult and child psychiatry departments of medical schools, and in public and private universities.